Premium line

The main difference between our three lines of barrels is the air-drying time of the wood. Our Premium line is air-seasoned for minimum of 36 months and is made from either Quercus petraea (sessile oak, widely known as French fine-grain oak) or  Quercus frainetto (widely known as Hungarian/Slavonian oak), depending on clients’ needs. With our Premium line, you can choose the forest and oak species you’d like at no additional cost. In addition, you will get a free engraving of your choice.

We offer the following sizes from the Premium line:

sizing - premium

We produce specific solutions for wine – grape varieties, terroirs and ageing times, as well as high-alcoholic beverages. We have experts to help you select the most suitable grain and toasting level – please just drop us a line at

Each barrel has an individual ID number containing data about your barrel – we trace each tree from the logs to the staves and then the finished product.

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