Our Barrels

At Teres, we have three lines of barrels – Select, Choice and Premium. All barrels can be toasted as per customer’s request – light, medium, medium plus and heavy. Barrel heads can be toasted or plain.

Select barrels are air seasoned for 24 months, Choice barrels are seasoned for 30 months our Premium line – for 36 months. We do not offer kiln-dried wood.



Other Services

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In addition, we employ an innovative refurbishing technology, offering our customers full rejuvenation of the used barrels.

Only ca. 5 mm on the inside of oak barrels is penetrated by wine during barrel maturation, which leaves the remainder of the stave intact. An old barrel can be refurbished at about a fifth of the price of a new barrel. This entails removing 8mm from the inside of the staves by a robot equipped with a scanner and able to perform a three-dimensional cutout. All wine residue is removed and a large percentage of the original oak flavourants in the staves are made available again for wine maturation.

The trimmed staves are subsequently toasted to desired levels and new heads (optional) are fitted onto the refurbished barrels.

Please contact us for more details.

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